If you want to play golf, play on the moon

The coolest thing that the American astronauts have done during their visiting to the moon is to play golf on the beautiful star. This is a dream come true for billions of people in the world and the impossible thing that our ancestor dreamt about. Is it amazing? Yes, it is super amazing and as a golfer I bet that you all want to try it once in your life.However, what does this have to do with improving your playing skills and techniques. It seems to have no relation but in fact it does have something for you to learn about. Because on the moon, no normal principles on the earth are applied and even supporting devices such as the best golf gps cannot help you and it is exactly what makes you go out of your comfort zone. Continue reading

These people tend to get injured during playing sports

The thing I hate the most when playing sports is to get pains or injuries which I think I am not the only one. Unfortunately getting injuries are something you can not avoid when you play sports. Even professional players get injuries and sometimes it is so serious that they have to stop playing for a good time. This is not only affect their schedule and practise but also break the result of their previous practising and lengthen the time for them to get back to their normal level.

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Why athletes go oversea for training?

Like other businesses, people always head to what they call the internationalization and because of this they keep sending people to other countries oversea for further studying. If studying oversea was a unfamiliar definition 50 years ago then now it is so popular that people of the middle class can also afford the expensive studying. Continue reading

The most popular sport events in the world

 For people who love sports, they have something to watch everyday but for someone who only like a specific kind of sport then they have to wait for the biggest sport events to feed their hunger. This is why there are times when billions of people in the world from all countries, all continents, all backgrounds pay attention to a sport event. Continue reading

Keep you parents as strong as they can

My parents have retired for years and they seems to be even stronger and fitter than when they were working in the past. One dinner, while having meal I asked my dad how he could do that and I was a bit surprised with his answer. He said he did exercises every morning and this is the habit he had kept since in military. Continue reading

The perfect age to start playing sport

Is there anytime in your life when you tell yourselves that you have to start playing sports because you see that your body is not fit and your health is going down. Then the next thing is that you start to regret why you did not start playing sport earlier when you were young so that you can have a better life sooner. It is like you buy a Golf Watch with an expensive price and then you read an article about golf gps reviews and then found out the watch is not something you really need.Continue reading

The ugly side of sport: Racism

One of the ugly results of our development history is racism in which people of different skin colours spend hatred for others without any specific reasons. We know that racism is in every walk of life, unfortunately and it is not a story in books that we tell our children each night. It exists in our life under different forms and causes many problems. Continue reading

Sports you can play at home

Your house is the place where you unite with your family member, have meals together and get relax after work or studying. However, sometimes you may feel bored by staying at home all day and repeat all the daily routines. Or in rainy days or cold days when you cannot go out and enjoy the outside world, what do you do to keep yourselves and people in your family entertaining? Watching movies is not a bad idea or cooking, singing, playing music are all not bad. Continue reading

Sports are good teachers for children

You take your children to school everyday and also spend a good amount of money on their education. Schools are good places for your children to learn and study academic knowledge about literature, maths, chemistry etc. Some schools also pay attention to physical education and they realize that sports are very good teachers themselves. Continue reading

Sports and their original birth place

Culture plays an important role in creating sports and on the other hand, sports are typical symbols for culture. When you visit different countries, you see different sports and some of them are so popular that people from outside of the countries’ border also get to know about them. Through the long time of conquering and transforming, people sometimes find it hard to figure out the original countries where the sports were created. Continue reading